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Pastor Paula Mehmel
'The Ascension'

Pastor Paula Mehmel
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On January 23, Pastor Paula will be travelling to a refugee camp in Uganda, focusing on work with
women and trauma healing. Since she travels light, she wants to fill her suitcases with birth kits for
women in the camps, who need to provide their own kits when they go to the hospitals. If you would
like to support her in this mission, here is a list of items needed.
Approximate costs are given in parentheses just for reference-you may find them cheaper.

            Nail brush ($2.70)
            Small bottle of hand sanitizer ($1.25)
            Hand Towel ($2.00)
            One shoe lace ($1.00)
            Two 4"x4" Sterile gauze pads, still in the wrapper (These are sold in packs of 10 for about $5)
            One single-edge razor blade or retractable knife.
            Small flash light ($3-$4)

You may also include a small donation ($10) to be included in each birth kit.
The health facilities frequently do not have needed supplies such as antibiotics, IV fluids or tubing,
syringes, Tylenol, etc. and they send the family out to the pharmacy to get them. We will ensure that
 the money is kept and distributed as needed to the women.
For other scheduled activities throughout month.

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